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Reviewing the SAFC Funding Process– Committee Update


Moving forward on my campaign promise to review, reform and make the SAFC funding process more manageable for the 350 student organizations who apply for funding every semester, the ad-hoc Committee which is reviewing the process (established by Resolution 7) has met four times over the past month.

Our preliminary discussions encompassed everything from changing and reducing documentation requirements, to revising the funding time-line as well as restructuring the internal structure of the SAFC.

As a result of these broad discussions and in an effort to solicit student input, the Committee has drafted three different proposals on how the SAFC system can be changed.

We will be forwarding these proposals to the officers of all SAFC funded organizations early next week. These proposals discuss how to change the funding time-line for organizations (i.e. eliminating having one application deadline at the beginning of the semester) and begin to discuss more manageable documentation requirements.

When we send out the proposals next week, students are strongly encouraged to read and send back their comments regarding what they think about the current SAFC funding process and the proposals.

With that in mind, this process can only be successful if students aid the process by providing feedback. Therefore, if you are a club officer, keep an eye out for these proposals and start thinking about how to improve the SAFC finding process for next year!

As usual, send me an email if you have any questions or comments!

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