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Want to get involved straight from the get-go? Join the Student Assembly!


The Student Assembly would like to extend a warm welcome to all the freshmen, transfer, and exchange students joining us this coming fall. We hope that you all enjoy and cherish your Cornell Experience.

The Student Assembly is Cornell’s governing undergraduate student body, and as a result, we represent all undergraduates affiliated with any and all of the 7 colleges at Cornell. In this past year, the Student Assembly has worked towards improving student health and safety, advocating for transparency during the administration’s decision-making process, and even attempted to settle the dispute around caged vs. cage-free eggs, amongst numerous other initiatives (for more detailed list of our activities check our website, If any or all of these initiatives seem interesting or if you just want to meet new people and make a difference to Cornell, then YOU should consider running for a seat on the Student Assembly. Also, if ever you identify an issue on campus you would like to resolve, please don’t hesitate, and contact a Student Assembly member. Currently, we have 4 open seats for Freshmen representatives, 1 open Seat for a Transfer Representative, as well as 2 open College Representative seats (Engineering, and CALS). Additionally, if you’re interested, but cannot find time in your schedule please feel free to join one of our many committees, as they are where our best work is done (for a full list of committees, check

Please feel free to contact our Director of Elections, Adam Raveret (, our President Natalie Raps (, as well as any and all Student Assembly Representatives with your questions, comments and concerns. Once again, we hope you enjoy your Cornell Experience!

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