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Housing Lottery Update


Last week Vince and I met with Mr. Joe Burke, Director of Residential Programs, and Ms. Barbara Romano, Director Residential and Event Services, to discuss the planned implementation of the changes to the housing lottery and room selection processes.  For those who are not aware, the Student Assembly passed Resolution 11 last Fall, which changed the housing lottery process.  Whereas in previous years rising seniors were assigned to the first time slot, rising juniors assigned to the second time slot, and rising sophomores assigned to the third slot, Resolution 11 reversed the order so that rising sophomores are now assigned to the first time slot and rising seniors are assigned to the third time slot; students living off campus and desiring to re-enter the housing lottery process are still assigned to the last time slot. Resolution 11 is intended to make the process for selecting housing for the next academic year more fair and less burdensome for rising sophomores, students that undoubtedly are the least experienced due to their short tenure at Cornell in navigating the off-campus housing selection process.  This is especially important as rising sophomores, some of whom did not receive their desired residence hall during room selection, often choose to live off-campus, where affordable housing near campus is difficult to find.  While the intentions behind the resolution were noble, many upperclassmen feared that the changes to the lottery selection process would leave them locked out of the on-campus room selection process, as rising sophomores would reserve more rooms than usual, leaving those upperclassmen who wish to remain on-campus without housing.  However, the meeting with directors Burke and Romano went a long way to assuaging these fears.  More specifically, directors Burke and Romano reported that Resolution 11 will not have a significant impact on the total number of rooms available for upperclassmen as only 179 rooms were added to the rising sophomore time slot.

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