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SA Representatives

In the first installment of Meet Your Representatives, here is a summary of your Representatives’ campaign promises…


Vincent Andrews (

Photo of Vincent Andrews There are two major issues I will focus on if elected President: the funding of student groups and advocating for student interests to the administration.

1) The SAFC funding process needs to be overhauled to provide groups more opportunities to apply for funding and more chances to fix mistakes. I propose a rolling system with greater online transparency and flexibility.

2) The SA must play a central role in deciding how our University “Re-imagines” itself in order to preserve the undergraduate student experience. Students need to be a part of the discussion when decisions such as the recent cuts in School of Arts and Sciences are being made.

I know what it takes to implement these changes. I’m the only candidate for president that’s been on the Exec Board of the SA. I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. I’ve been a member of the SA and the Appropriations Committee for 2 years, a club president who has worked through the SAFC process, and one of the only students to have worked on a “Reimagining Cornell” Committee. I ask that you vote Vince for President not because of a loud and flashy campaign, but because I have the background to get past the politics of the SA and make some worthwhile changes. Check out

Executive Vice President

Ray Mensah (

Photo of Raymond Mensah My name is Ray Mensah and I am running to be your next Student Assembly Executive Vice President. During my time at Cornell I’ve been honored to have been given the opportunity to help improve student life. Whether working to co-sponsor Resolution 15, which gave students a say in choosing our residence hall directors or, more recently, standing in solidarity with the theater, film, and dance majors, I’ve always believed in fighting for students’ rights.

As I run to become Executive Vice President and continue my work of helping students on the S.A., I would be honored to have your vote.

If elected, I pledge to do my best to:
-Amend the S.A charter to create an independent, student-run judicial body to interpret the charter and hear appeals of the appropriations committee. Allowing the S.A. to continue interpreting its charter and hearing appropriations appeals creates an unacceptable conflict of interest and probability of bias.
-Improve student life by working to extend weekend library hours.
-Work towards eliminating charges for internet usage.
-Fight to ensure Cornell remains a welcome place for ALL!
-Support the Greek Community.

Vice President for Internal Operations (also ILR Representative)

Adam Gitlin (

Photo of Adam Gitlin GIT SOME.
My name is Adam Gitlin, I am proud to be an ILRie and I am seeking re-election to the Cornell Student Assembly. I aim to bring skills learned from my first term on the Student Assembly, and my service on the Obama campaign and Presidential Inaugural Committee, to Cornell.

In seeking re-election, I aim to:
1. Be the ILR student body’s ADVOCATE and VOICE to the Administration.

2. Work with ILR Student Government Association to enhance YOUR student life experience.

Also, I hope to continue the work that I have begun on the Student Assembly:

3. Helping to build the new SA Public Service Committee that will ENGAGE the student body in public service initiatives on campus.

4. Continuing my service on the SA Appropriations Committee, where I have collaborated with other SA members to appropriate millions of dollars in funds to student organizations and activities.

As ILR students, we are some of the most involved and outspoken individuals on campus and we are driven to make Cornell better for everyone, while at the same time enhancing our academic and social experiences. I hope that you will support me as I seek re-election to the SA where I can continue to bring the qualities that we value at ILR to the greater Cornell community.

If you have any questions or suggestions, please friend me at

Vice President of Finance (also CALS Representative)

Adam Nicoletti (


Hi, my name is Adam Nicoletti and I’m running for your CALS representative on the Student Assembly. I′m currently a sophomore in the AEM program and I’ve loved serving as your representative over the past year. Throughout my time on the assembly, I’ve supported the appointment of undergraduates on the Ujamaa and General RHD selection committees in an effort to increase student representation in Residence Hall Director selections. In addition, as a member of the Appropriations Committee, I’ve worked hard to protect the financial security of student groups as well as allocate your money efficiently and responsibly.

This upcoming year brings new challenges for our college. CALS still faces a large budget deficit and with the upcoming retirement of Dean Henry, our college needs an effective advocate to make sure students’ concerns are heard.

With your support, I will continue to:
• Serve as an effective student advocate for CALS
• Ensure that your money is spent efficiently and responsibly
• Work towards improving the Off-Campus Housing Office (OCHO)

If you find me on the Ag Quad, please feel free to ask me any questions or email me at

Vice President for Public Relations (also Arts and Sciences Representative)

Natalie Raps (

Photo of Natalie Raps As I run for reelection as a Representative for the College of Arts and Sciences, I cannot help but think about the Student Assembly as one of the best experiences of my life. By being Freshman Representative last year and currently serving as an Arts and Sciences Representative, I have the unique responsibility and privilege of listening to students’ concerns and striving to address them. As promised this year, I have been committed to:

– Improving safety on campus by working with the Cornell University Police Department and its Blue Light Escort Service

– Working to create a mobile shuttle that takes students home from the libraries safely late at night

– Helping to create and publicize campus wide events in order to benefit relief efforts in Haiti

– Listening and advocating for my peers in asking the administration to justify every dollar cut in the College of Arts and Sciences

– Allocating funds from the Student Activity Fee to different student organizations
If reelected, when not working on safety or relief efforts, I plan on working to get rid of the median grade on transcripts and uniting efforts between the Student Assembly and Class Councils. And as always I will be here to represent YOU.

Please feel free to email me anytime at and vote RAPS for Student Rep.



At-Large representative:

Andrew Brokman (


Photo of Andrew D. BrokmanAs someone who has been involved in all aspects of student government over the years – having served as S.A. At-Large Rep., U.A. Rep., S.A. Transfer Rep., and student affairs correspondent on and WVBR – I have personally experienced the SA at its best and at its worst.

At best, the SA serves as the authoritative, legitimate voice of the student body, and for that reason alone it demands respect. At worst, the SA is a group of insiders, who work to pass 60 resolutions a year which are rarely enacted or enforced. My administration, however, promises to be different. We will work in tandem with the University to concentrate on fewer, more effective, resolutions which will directly improve the quality of our student life.

If I am elected President, expect an open door, absolute transparency, a better quality government, a judicial committee to eliminate corruption, and an unbiased Chairman.

But the truth is, I cannot do this alone. A dramatic change in the SA will require all of us to care; to reject apathy in favor of a better government. The SA’s voice is only as powerful as the students who believe in it, so I am asking you to come with me on this journey, and vote Andrew D. Brokman for President

Chauncey Jenkins (

Photo of Chauncey Jenkins As a junior in the School of Hotel Administration, I have made it my goal to be committed to serving people. I challenged myself as a freshman “hotelie” to take on heavy leadership roles to expose myself to the difficulties of running an organization on campus. During freshman year, I ran for the Vice President position of the National Society of Minorities in Hospitality and, much to my surprise, I won.

Taking on such a huge role at such an early age was a gift and a curse. Though I was ecstatic to be vice president of an organization I was passionate about, I had to learn manage my time to handle school and other activities as well. That year I also joined The LINK: Black and Latino Men’s Alliance as a freshman representative. Being a member of both organizations was more enthralling than any action movie. The activities we sponsored help me feel like I was putting leadership in practice — something that has been embedded in my mind as a result of the Hotel School.

Being a member of NSMH and The LINK has honed my opinion about what it means to be a leader. I am now Vice President of The LINK, and the Lead Keyboardist/Director of Marketing for After Six Jazz Ensemble. My freshman year taught me to only be committed to organizations that I am passionate about; to search for depth and not a long list of activities.

Architecture, Art and Planning Representative:

Ulysses Smith (

Photo of Ulysses SmithAs the current AA&P Rep, I have devoted my time to making this campus, and particularly my college a better environment to live, work, and play. I have worked with the Dean’s Student Council, OURS, and MOAPP to gather more information about the issues of the college. I have also been a steadfast supporter of Minority issues, Program Houses, and matters of residential life. My most recent achievement is the passing of Resolution 43 which defines the roles of College Representatives and strives to bridge the communication gaps between the SA and their respective constituencies. This semester, I plan to work to inform the college about the future AAD School and other issues, and get reviews and feedback from the college to determine how we should move forward and address these issues. I will continue to strive for SA transparency and support all initiatives that will be beneficial to our college and supported by the majority.

Agriculture and Life Sciences Representatives

Represented by Executive Board Members

Arts and Sciences Representatives

Jon Rau (

Photo of Jon Rau My name is Jon Rau, and I’m running for reelection as your Arts and Sciences representative to the Student Assembly. As a sophomore Economics and Government major, I have experienced many of the issues and challenges we face as Cornell students. Having served a year on the assembly, I have enjoyed working with fellow students and administrators to improve the quality of life here on the Hill.

The duty of a college representative is to make sure that all of your voices are being heard, and I have worked tirelessly to voice your interests. Over the course of the year, as Chair of the SA Residential Life Committee, I proactively advocated the placement of students onto the Ujamma and General RHD selection committees to increase student participation in the selection of their Residence Hall Directors. On the Appropriations Committee, I worked to ensure the financial sustainability of our student groups while using your money as efficiently as possible. As your representative, I’m currently working on:

– Developing a website that will allow students to rate their landlords
– Establishing a late night food option on Central Campus
– Fighting against excessive budget cuts that threaten the programs that make our college unique
On the off chance that I’m not in libe café, you can contact me with any questions at

Re-Elect Jon Rau as your Arts and Sciences Representative!

Ankur Bajaj (

Photo of Ankur Bajaj CAN I GET AN ANKUR, DO YOU WANT MORE? My name is Ankur Bajaj, and I am likely double majoring in Chem and Gov in A&S. I plan to bring the skills that I gained from being President of Model U.N. in high school and from my summer internships at City Hall in Austin to the SA. If elected A&S Rep, I will:

1. Keep the administration accountable to the budget cuts that affect us directly. We chose Cornell because of the awesome professors, great courses and amazing events like Slope Day, so it is important that all of these elements are maintained. WE are the students of the university, so our opinion must be heard, and as A&S rep, I can work to make that happen.

2. Make the students more aware of the SA. People that I’ve talked to have no idea what the SA does, and for good reason. I plan to change that. Whether that’s by hosting weekly forums for suggestions or just meeting over coffee, it doesn’t matter, but something must be done.

3. Advocate for minor, but important projects. Why doesn’t the Temple of Zeus accept Big Red Bucks? Why aren’t we given some free printing per semester? Why isn’t there a 24-hour café somewhere on campus? Great questions, and if elected as A&S rep, you will have to ask no longer.

Engineering Representatives

Scott Pendleton (

Photo of Scott Pendleton As a junior mechanical engineer and leader of the Baja Racing Project Team, I know the issues we face. If elected, I’d like to focus on two main issues:

Lecture Size: Even as a second semester junior, I have 4 courses with lecture sizes exceeding 100 students. This makes it difficult to make true connections with professors and get the one-on-one learning experience that other schools offer. We’re an IVY League school, and we deserve an IVY League standard of education. To do that, we need to offer more lectures at smaller sizes.

Research/Project Team Funding: During these hard economic times, we need to ensure that our funding doesn’t get cut short. Research and student teams are at the core of the Cornell undergraduate experience. Through these teams, we stand out above other schools. It’s what sets us apart and helps us to find careers once we graduate. Cuts in funding limit the opportunities for research positions and the current capabilities of our labs. I’ll make sure that the SA keeps the pressure on administrators not to leave undergrads behind when they “Re-Imagine Cornell.”

Vote for Scott Pendleton. I’ll work hard to make sure that you have the educational opportunities you deserve.

Adam Yozwiak (

Photo of Adam Yozwiak Good morning, good afternoon, or good evening Cornell student! My name is Adam Yozwiak and I want to be your Engineering representative to the Student Assembly. I am running for this service to you because I view the position as a new type of challenge that could help broaden my horizons while affording me the opportunity to make a lasting mark on the College of Engineering and University as a whole.

I believe a candidate for the SA Engineering representative should be a leader on campus, understand the needs and concerns of engineering students, and represent the larger Cornell student body. I meet these criteria; I am responsible, open minded, not afraid to be honest, and have a history of effecting significant and positive change in organizations I lead. I currently hold leadership roles on the CUSat project team, as the philanthropy chair for my fraternity, and as an executive board representative for CUWinds music groups.

As a member of the SA I will try to:

-Improve service opportunities specific to engineering students
-Have open-door “office hours” weekly to talk about concerns of interest to YOU
-Be an advocate for engineering project teams

Thank you for taking time to be an informed voter in these important elections!

Human Ecology Representative

Daniel Kuhr (

Photo of Daniel Kuhr For those of you unaware, I am a freshman HBHS major pursuing a PAM minor as well. The biggest piece of relevant experience I bring to SA is that I recently helped draft my school district’s Nutrition Policy as a standing member of the district’s Health and Wellness Committee. More important than my experience is what I hope to accomplish as your SA representative. I have decided to run in hope of accomplishing the following:

1. Require all dining halls to post NUTRITION LABELS for food being served. We need to know what and how much we’re putting in our bodies if we want to be healthy.

2. Increase the maximum income at which students do not have loans as part of their financial aid from $75,000/year to $80,000/year alleviating burden for students whose family income is currently just above $75,000.

3. Ensuring that various arts and co-curricular activities do NOT get cut. As a member of the Glee Club and the Hangovers, I fully recognize the importance of preserving these programs in spite of tough economic times.

4. Keep students informed as to what is going on in the SA. This would include email updates when resolutions that affect you are proposed so you can tell me how I can best represent YOU!

Hotel Representative

Savion N. Agard (

Photo of Savion N. Agard Since my freshman year, I’ve been an active member in various of organizations both on and off campus. I’m a member of the Hotel School’s Student Advisory Board and I make sure I am always aware of what is happening within my college. It brings me great pleasure to be in a position to work with people. I believe that it is extremely important to work for what you believe in, and then to give back to those who follow succeed you. This is a firm belief of mine, and it is the main reason I’ve chose to run for Student Assembly. I’ve been blessed to have friends and associates of all races, sizes, colors, and shapes. I feel that being a member of the Student Assembly, it will be the perfect venue for me to serve not only the Hotel school by being an honest approachable public servant that individuals can discuss any issues they may have, but the greater Cornell community and ensure that everyone’s voices are heard. I want to be able to ensure that Cornell continues to be the great institution that we have all grown to love.

Minority Representative

Roneal Desai (

Photo of Roneal Desai As a member who served last year on the Student Assembly as the Freshman Representative, I will bring a year’s worth of experience to the Minority Liaison position that will allow me to truly take full advantage of the opportunities it provides. After realizing the limitations and capabilities of the SA, I pledge to approach this next year with a list of realistic goals that although subtle, will be able to make life better for all students of the Cornell campus. Some of my ideas include:

– Reforming SAFC Special Projects Funding so groups who miss the deadline can still receive something
– Making all SA members take the SAFC Financial Review Test before being allowed to vote on the budget
– Creating a housing contract so that students with roommates cannot have guests over for extended periods of time without the consent of their roommates
– Advertising the fact that Athletic Facilities can be tried out for free the first week of school so that students take advantage of this trial period
– If possible, shortening the hours of some libraries on Friday and Saturday to have Uris be open 24/7

At the end of the day, remember that I provide experience you can count on, and representation you can believe in. Vote Roneal Desai!

Michael Finn (

Photo of Michael FinnAs some of you may know and many more of you soon will, I am Michael Finn and I would like to be YOUR Minority at Large. I currently serve as Chair of the Minority Concert Fund Advisory Board through ALANA, as well as a commissioner in the Minority Finance Commission through OMEA. I have a long and thorough track list of my unwavering support for the various multicultural groups on campus, and look to continue that tradition by serving as your representative on the Student Assembly.

I have decided to run for Minority at Large due to the many issues plaguing our diverse communities here at Cornell; whether it is the issue of inadequate resources for the Asian and Asian American Center, subpar facilities for the Office of Minority Educational Affairs, or the unjust firing of Ken Glover at UJ. I wish to give our communities an adequate voice on the Student Assembly, and vow to do so to the best of my abilities.

International Representative

Mohit Gulrajani (

Photo of Mohit Gulrajani Hi! My name is Mohit Gulrajani, and I’m an Economics Major in the College of Arts and Sciences. As an Indian citizen, born and raised in Dubai, as an active International Student, and as a member of several campus organizations, I hope to represent the International contingency.

The International community is a fairly small, yet extremely important component of the student body. I would look to bring my commitment, enthusiasm, and problem solving skills to further the interests of the International Community, as well as the Cornell Community, and the Greater Ithaca Community. If elected, I will strive to:

•Collaborate with the International Students and Scholars Office to ensure that the dynamic needs of all international students are continually met.

•Improve the relationships between Cornell and other international institutions, by seeing to the needs of the International Exchange students.

•Facilitate international students’ involvement in campus organizations, and cultivate/aid the growth of international organizations.

In addition, I will be accessible to all members of the Cornell Community. Feel free to approach me anywhere on campus, or by email at:

LGBTQ Representative

Matt Danzer (

Photo of Matt DanzerMy name is Matt Danzer and I am running for reelection as LGBTQ Representative. I made two promises when I first ran: wider discussion of LGBTQ rights on campus and increased transparency at Cornell. It was also extremely important that I form closer bonds with Haven: The LGBTQ Student Union, to ensure that I was reflecting the evolving needs of the community.

I have done my best to meet each one of these priorities.

I passed a resolution with Direct Action to Stop Heterosexism to commemorate Transgender Day of Remembrance to honor those killed due to anti-transgender hatred, as well as to educate the greater student body at Cornell about issues affecting transgender individuals.

I have been in close consultation with Cornell’s administration on the best ways to fulfill the needs of the LGBTQ community as other student services are cut due to the economic downturn. I am working with community leaders to ensure that LGBTQ causes are front and center in administrators’ minds when they make their restructuring decisions. I also attend Haven meetings on a regular basis and join general body meetings for many of the LGBTQ groups on campus.

I promise to broaden these initiatives and continue to work hard for Cornell’s LGTBQ community.

Transfer Representative

1 Representative Coming Soon with Fall 2010 Elections!

Freshman Representatives

3 Representatives Coming Soon with Fall 2010 Elections!

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