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Willard Straight Hall SUB – Appropriations Report


Appropriations Committee Report

Organization: Willard Straight Hall Student Union Board

Date: September 13, 2010

The committee felt that Willard Straight Hall SUB did a great job in responding to the advice from last year’s SA. In assessing its place in the community, SUB has begun to produce more popular programming while continuing to consider the financial cost of each event. For example, the group has cut back on late night programming due to the fact that doing so would replicate already existent programming on campus. In addition, the committee discussed the balance between SUB’s co-sponsorships versus the events it puts on by itself.  Some committee members commented that SUB should shift towards more co-sponsored programs since the level of attendance is higher at these events. Many recommended that SUB use co-sponsorships as a tool to increase the use of space in the Straight as well as create events that differentiate them from other groups on campus to prevent redundant programming.  In addition, the committee felt that through increased promotion, SUB could garner additional attention for its recruitment as well as co-sponsorship programs. Overall, SUB should continue to explore ways to increase student attendance through planning events that specifically target student use of Willard Straight Hall.

Respectfully submitted,

Adam Nicoletti

Vice President for Finance

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