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Architecture, Art & Planning Hires New Asst. Director of Diversity & Inclusiveness


After launching a search to find a new Assistant Director of Diversity & Inclusiveness, the College of Architecture, Art & Planning has hired Rei Thompson. Ms. Thompson will join the college as a part of the new advising structure that was unveiled in September. There are plans to have her meet with student leadership within the college to learn about the different student organizations and how to implement her plans in the future. Below is the letter that was sent to the college.

To the AAP Community,

I am very pleased to announce that Rei Thompson has joined the College of Architecture, Art, and Planning as the new Assistant Director of Diversity and Inclusiveness. Rei graduated from Princeton University with a degree in Sociology, and she has recently received a Master’s in Public Administration from Syracuse University. She has also completed policy-based research with the Supportive Housing Network in New York City. Having grown up in Ithaca, she is very familiar with the area and with Cornell, and she has been active in community activities such as the Ithaca Free Clinic.

Rei’s office is in B-1 West Sibley Hall. She is very much looking forward to working with both undergraduate and graduate students in our college. Please come and meet Rei, and make her feel welcome in her new role in AAP.


Deb Durnam

We welcome Rei to the college and look forward to working closely with her in the future!

Ulysses Smith

Architecture, Art & Planning Representative

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  1. Lola Osho permalink
    11/17/2010 10:20 pm

    This is exciting good luck!

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