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This week has been a very busy week for the Student Assembly!

A majority of the SAs committees met for the first time or met to continue addressing the many initiatives begun a few weeks ago.  This is very important because, though committee meetings are not usually covered in the news and are less publicized than the SA g-body meeting, the vast majority of the SAs work is done by committees. I would like to thank the leaders and members of the following committees who held or will hold meetings this week;

  • Executive Committee
  • Dining Committee
  • Committee on Residential Life
  • Appropriations Committee
  • Student Assembly Finance Commission
  • Communications Committee
  • Public Service Committee
  • Joint Assembly Multi-Cultural Issues Committee
  • Joint Assembly Financial Aide Review Committee
  • Organizational Review Committee (Chair and Administrators only)

Other noteworthy occurrences this week were the many meetings held with administrators. Some administrators attended committee meetings while others met one on one with Representatives.

My favorite meeting occurred this morning with Joe Burke, Director of Residential Programs, to talk about how the changes to the University Recognition Policy will effect student living. This discussion was especially productive in light of the four resolutions on the table for this Thursday’s SA meeting.  After my discussion with Director Burke and others, it seems like many administrators, faculty and students are all interested in looking at statistics detailing location, time and number of alcohol related incidents on campus so as to discover trends and hopefully determine how these numbers may be affected by the proposed changes. If you would like to know more, check out the SA agenda or come to our Thursday meeting!

The SA seems to be getting off to a great start this year! I look forward to reading posts from the rest of the Assembly members about their meetings and what they accomplished this week!

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