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Late Night Programming Ad-Hoc Committee Update


The Student Assembly is moving forward on its initiative to bringing late night programming to campus. Acting upon Resolution 18 (, the committee met for the second time yesterday night and established good system for how to write the proposal and move forward with the project. Here is a quick recap of the meeting and what we decided.

Updates; Before this evening’s meeting, I met with a few administrators who were very interested and supportive of our initiative– to address the need for late night programming on campus. These administrators were actually so supportive that the prospect of having some type of permanent social venue for students is looking more and more realistic.

With that in mind, we must write a plan detailing how to make an available space fun and useful so as to consistently bring together the entire Cornell Community (this is a broad vision statement we outlined at our first meeting). This past evening we arranged ourselves to do just that.

Meeting Recap; 11 of the 15 committee members were in attendance and we decided we would arrange ourselves into 3 subcommittees. These subcommittees will address specific aspects of our late night programming venture and will be responsible for writing on those topics to be included in the final proposal. The subcommittees are;

1) Venue Subcommittee; This committee will meet with administrators and move forward on how to establish a late night programming space for students. In the report it will detail why a space is needed, what space it has chosen and the strengths and weaknesses of the space.

2) Attraction Subcommittee; This committee will focus on how to attract all students of the Cornell Community. With the creation of North Campus, West Campus as well as the separation of the Collegetown and Greek communities, the Cornell Community is very partitioned. Here the committee will determine how late night programming can attract and cater to students from all communities on campus.

3) Programming Subcommittee; This committee will determine how consistent, high-quality programming can occur every weekend night during the semester. The written report will outline potential programming options as well as what logistics must occur so as to ensure high-quality programming continues throughout the year.

The above descriptions are very brief and each subcommittees can cover whatever topics they deem relevant. All the subcommittees will try to meet with appropriate administrators and research late night programming at other schools as they write their sections of the proposal. Length and depth of the each subcommittees’ section is left up to each committee but the goal is to have them as complete, concrete and detailed as possible.

The time-line for each subcommittee and the entire report is as follows;

October 21- Nov. 1; Subcommittees meet and begin writing ideas and their portions of the proposals.

Week of November 1st; full committee meeting to see how far everybody has gotten, see where the different subcommittee sections overlap and where more work needs to be done.

Week of November 8th; Pull together all the different subcommittee sections and create a final version of our proposal.

Meet with administrators to present the entire plan by mid-November.

That’s where we are right now. If you would like to comment or have any questions about our work thus far, feel free to email me.

Full steam ahead!


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