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SA Weekly 2.20.11


 Student Assembly Weekly

Scheduled Meetings
Week of February 20th, 2010

Sunday – 02/20/2011

Monday – 02/21/2011

Executive Board Meeting
Willard Straight 518
Contact: Ray Mensah (ram429)
Tuesday – 02/22/2011

Committee on Dining Services Meeting
Wendy Purcell Lounge, RPCC
Contact: Jonathan Rau (jdr252)

Public Service Committee Meeting
Willard Straight Loft 3
Contact: Adam Gitlin (amg288)
Wednesday – 02/23/2011

Residence and Community Life Committee Meeting
Goldwin Smith 144
Contact: Ulysses Smith (ujs3)

Thursday – 02/24/2011

SA General Body Meeting
Willard Straight Memorial Room
Contact: Ray Mensah (ram429)
Friday – 02/25/2011

S.A. Late Night Programming Ad-hoc Committee Meeting
Willard Straight Loft 1
Contact: Vincent Andrews (vpa4)

Transfer Affairs Committee Meeting
Catherwood Library, Ives Hall
Contact: Alex Pruce (ajp284)

Saturday – 02/26/2011

Non-S.A. Meetings/Events

Other Information

S.A. Blog:
S.A. Committees:
S.A. Committee questions: Adam Gitlin,
S.A. Directory:

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