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How YOU Can Help Improve Classroom Mental Health Conditions

If in the past two years you have been troubled, saddened, or personally affected by the string of mental health incidents that have changed so many lives on this campus, now is your chance to make a difference in the life of every student.

While many undergraduates at Cornell are not adequately trained to counsel victims of complicated mental depression, all of us have felt the stress that accompanies the all-too-well known “hell weeks”. You know, when you have an acapella concert or trip for debate and two prelims at the end of the week?  (And this doesn’t account for all of the other problem sets, meetings, and social events you have.) Sadly, we can’t all take the preparation required to tackle depression in individual students by ourselves, but we all have the capability to express to professors simpler things they can do that make our lives less stressful–specifically, cutting down on “hell weeks” as much as possible.

With help from Gannett’s expert mental health staff and numerous professors dedicated to the cause, the Student Assembly is currently working on a resolution with the Faculty Senate that will require all professors to place a statement on accommodating students in their syllabus, with the specific agreement that students should not be required to take/turn in 3 prelims/papers in a 4 day span. This is to ensure that students are not stressed out due to the amount of work they have, and have the best opportunity to space out their work and do their best in classes.

However, written mandates will not be enough. We want to get students out there to speak with professors about this resolution along with other mental health issues that are created as a result of classes, and how they can make our lives better. If you are interested in being a part of this movement that will undoubtedly change this school forever, all you need to do is attend ONE 1 hour training session to learn from experts about this resolution, issues professors can deal with regarding mental health, and how to have that discussion. You will then be giving all necessary materials, and will be allowed to talk to as many professors as you wish (or will be delegated professors, if you wish).

If you are interested in signing up, please fill out this google doc with your name, net id, and college: 

In addition, please attend ONE of the mandatory training sessions:
  • Wed Nov 10th: WSH Music Room 7:30 to 8:30 PM
  • Sat Nov 13th: WSH Intl Lounge 3-4 PM
  • Sun Nov 14th: WSH Intl Lounge 3-4 PM
  • Sat Nov 20th: WSH Music Room 3-4 PM
If you have any questions or unable to attend one of the listed times, please contact Roneal Desai at Student Assembly hopes that you will be able to dedicate a few hours of your time towards making this school an easier, better, and safer place for all students now and for years to come.
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