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Resolution 11: Alcohol Related Incidents


Whereas, the Student Assembly (SA) is charged by its Charter to;

Article 1.3 Welfare of Student Community

The SA will have the authority and the responsibility to examine any matters which involve the interests or concern the welfare of the student community and to make proposals concerning those issues to the appropriate officers or decision-making bodies of the University.

Whereas, the Student Assembly Charter enumerates the power to;

Article 1.1 Legislative Authority Over Policies

The Student Assembly (herein after referred to as the SA) will have legislative authority over the policies of the Department of Campus Life and the Office of the Dean of Students, and have the authority to review the budgets and actions of said departments.

Bylaw 1.1.a

Pursuant to the authority of Article 1, Section 1, the SA shall by majority vote have the authority to require at any time information directly from a department or a specific individual within that department concerning the budget, policies, or actions of said department. The request for this information shall be made at a SA meeting.

Bylaw 1.1.b

Should a request [for information, as described in 1.1.a above] be refused, the SA by simple majority vote may request the information be given to the Vice President for Student and Academic Services who shall forward it to the SA. The Vice President for Student and Academic Services shall act unless otherwise directed by the President, pursuant to Article 1, Section 5.

Whereas, the Cornell Police Department is part of and affects Campus Life through the charge of maintaining a safe campus as well as the enforcement of Federal, State, County and University codes.

Whereas, the Administration’s proposed changes to the University Recognition Policy and Tri-Councils implementation of those changes will affect the entire Cornell Student Body.

Whereas, the Student Assembly stated its intention to look into the potential effects of the proposed changes to the University Recognition Policy.

Be it therefore resolved, that the Student Assembly requests any information from the Ithaca Police Department regarding alcohol consumption in Collegetown and around Cornell’s campus.

Be it therefore resolved, the Student Assembly specifically requests information regarding;

  1. The number of alcohol related incidents which occurred on campus detailed by;
  1. Time of year
  2. Location of residence of offender (dormitories, greek housing, or off-campus)
  3. Location of incident (dormitories, greek housing, or off-campus)
  4. Type of incident;
    1. Possession/underage drinking tickets
    2. Medical transports
  1. Number of noise violations, sorted by time of year and location (dormitories, greek housing, or off-campus)
  2. Number of fights/altercations, sorted time of year and location (dormitories, greek housing, or off-campus)

Be it therefore resolved, the Student Assembly requests the information by October 1, 2010 to allow time for analysis of the data before the October Trustee meeting.

Be it therefore resolved, if information is considered to be confidential, the members of the SA’s Executive Board will submit to all confidentiality agreements so as to perform their function as Representatives of the Student Body.

Be it finally resolved, upon passage this Resolution be forwarded to the City of Ithaca Chief of Police.

Respectfully Submitted,

Vincent Andrews ‘11

At-Large Representative

Student Assembly President

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