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Director of Residential Programs, Joe Burke, Commits to ResLife Committee


This past Wednesday (9/15), the SA Committee on Residential and Community Life met with Director of Residential Programs, Joe Burke. The Committee discussed at length the potential impacts of the proposed amendments to the University Recognition Policy, the opposing perspectives, and alternative programming ideas. Mr. Burke also provided his opinion on other issues the Committee was focusing on: an on-demand, late night shuttle service and publishing the housing lottery changes. Mr. Burke also volunteered to attend ResLife meetings once a month to listen to the proposed ideas, discuss new initiatives, and offer an administrative perspective on any hot topic questions that arise.

Primary focus of the meeting was on the potential impacts of the University Recognition Policy. After hearing commentary on the three points and the concerns of the students, the group looked at alternative programming options. The Committee developed a list of potential activities to start with including:

  • Establishing RedBoxes at the community centers for renting movies
  • Athletic Team/ Student Organization sponsored events
  • Late night parties in places other than north that mimic successful programs like Filthy/Gorgeous
  • Working with the Dining Committee to establish themed food events

The Committee briefly discussed the housing lottery changes and will pursue developing material that will explain the new housing selection process to students. The Committee then discussed the proposed on-demand shuttle service and delegated research tasks that will be discussed at the next meeting.

ResLife Committee meets every Wednesday at 4:30pm in Goldwin Smith 160. All are welcome!

Ulysses Smith

Architecture, Art & Planning Representaative

ResLife Committee Chair

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