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The Position of the SA Executive Board on the Changes to the University Recognition Policy


On behalf of the Student Assembly, we would like to comment on the
administration’s proposed changes to the University Recognition Policy
for Greek-letter organizations.  We are troubled by the
administration’s lack of consultation with student governance and
relevant stakeholders. For example, as per the mandate issued by the
Board of Trustees and the President of the University, the Student
Assembly has legislative oversight over the Office of the Dean of
Students, which houses the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Affairs
(Article 1.1 of the SA Charter).  The fact that the Student Assembly
has not been consulted or even notified about these changes negatively
reflects upon the process in which these proposed changes have come

Apart from the Student Assembly’s legislative responsibilities, we are
the main funding body for the majority of student organizations on
campus, including those providing non-alcoholic and alternate social
programming for students.  The lack of communication with our
governing body suggests that the administration may not have
recognized the necessary involvement of these organizations nor
considered the broader issues and implications of the proposed plan.

We aim to offer a comprehensive, multi-faceted perspective on this
issue by incorporating the opinions of students not represented by the
Greek governing bodies into the discussion as these changes may come
to affect the broader student experience. Because the Student Assembly
was not consulted, undergraduate participation has been limited in a
decision that may ultimately affect anyone living on North Campus,
West Campus and even Collegetown.  Furthermore, the undergraduate body
was never given an appropriate time frame to collect and process
feedback.   We believe that a greater dialogue on the possible
implications of student safety ought to be a part of this process.

The Student Assembly plans to assist with the review of the University
Recognition Policy and its implementation in order to ascertain how
the initiative will affect all students. As part of our review, we
hope to examine the records of Gannett Health Services as well as work
with different student organizations that deal with aspects impacted
by this initiative.  Lastly, unless the administration makes a more
concerted effort to involve all relevant parties and conduct a
complete dialogue, allowing students more time to review the changes
to the Greek Life Initiative before the October Trustee meeting should
be considered.

The Student Assembly looks forward to working with the administration
to engage all students that wish to be a part of this discussion.

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