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Workaholic or Fool?


I have a fear of being a jack of all trades and a master of none; a giant promise spread too thin. And though I fear being my own burden, I would rather exploit my gifts than remain complacent. It is this mindset that has put me in the pool of 18 credits, 4 organizations, 2 committees, and a budding music career as a senior in college. Sucks right? Not at all. I’m completely enthralled.

For some reason I just have an affinity for people. I enjoy being a resource for others. My concern for the welfare of those around me is what got me involved with The LINK: Black and Latino Men’s Alliance. From serving as an unnamed member of the executive board freshman year, to serving as the current president; I have watched The LINK make a difference in several communities. Our annual Academic Collaboration Event has averaged 80+ people in attendance over the past two years, and has linked first-year students and underclassmen with upperclassmen in their respective majors to acquire insight. We have held an annual food and resource drive for The SOS Shelter for Battered Women, and are now giving out annual scholarships for academic achievement.

What should be considered a large issue in my opinion, the cuts in TFD have seemed to fall upon deaf ears. If the university is not able to provide resources, then we must seek external publicity and aid. I digress…. The campaign trail showed me real issues that impacted me as much as the rest of the Cornell community, and pulled me out of my bubble for a change. I now serve as one of the At-Large representatives for the Student Assembly, planning to tackle issues with the TFD department and that of increasing transparency among the individual classes.

Elections did not stop after gaining a seat on the assembly. It was time for internal elections and these were no easy task. After one long meeting and several speeches I earned the position of Head Delegate for the Ivy Council. Like TFD, Ivy Council does not get the publicity it should. I vow to change that this year. From holding general body meetings and info sessions, signing people up for the Ivy Leadership Summit at Princeton in November, and planning and executing an Ivy-Wide Social Entrepreneurship Conference to be held at Cornell in the spring; the name Ivy Council will be pervasive on campus. The group provides the unique opportunity to program and network with members of the seven other Ivies. Most importantly, we focus on cultivating student leaders and increasing collaboration and service among groups so that each student can make a global impact in the future.

While all of the academic and social development has increased my awareness of the happenings at Cornell, it is my music that keeps me sane. I serve as the vice president of After Six Ensemble and am a budding rapper under the moniker Chance Fischer. I founded After Six with a few friends last year on the precept that we were guys who could all play individually that would sound better together. We did just that, and performed at a few balls and a JAM coffee house. We are looking forward to a promising year. As far as the rapping goes, I released a mixtape called “HERE” in August that has reached approximately 6,000 listens. I will be releasing another tape in December and have a few tentative shows at other colleges, including William & Mary and Virginia Tech.

As I am approaching carpal tunnel and utter disdain for talking about myself, I am grateful that Natalie asked me to do this profile. Hopefully the readers of this blog will at least pass on the word about one of these organizations or seek more information about them. I love what I do, the people I have worked with, and the people who have touched my life. I just hope that I have made a difference in someone else’s life.

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  1. Vince permalink*
    09/09/2010 2:20 pm

    This is great. Next time post it from your personal account so that your name can me attached to it!

  2. 09/10/2010 12:40 pm

    Best of luck with all of your endeavors – the steering board will do our best to support you!

    The only source of knowledge is experience.
    Albert Einstein

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