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First Assembly Meeting TODAY


Student Assembly Meeting Agenda for Thursday September 2, 2010

The Student Assembly will be holding its first meeting of the year this Thursday, September 2nd at 4:45pm in the Memorial Room of Willard Straight Hall, all students are welcome and encouraged to attend.


Reflective of this upcoming year, this meeting we will be focusing on a multitude of issues.  First, many undergraduate students are going to propose a Resolution urging Cornell Information Technologies to stop supporting companies that use conflict minerals in its production (Resolution 2).  As per the success from Cornell students regarding the stopping of Nike’s inhumane activity; Chris Dobyns, George Hornedo, Nathaniel Houghton and Ray Mensah propose steps the University can take to help stop human rights injustices in the Congo.

Our assembly will also be undergoing a year long charter review to look at the structure of the S.A., how we focus on issues and how we can better operate in order to serve the student body.  At this Thursday’s meeting Representatives will be proposing to change how our committee system works and how to better effectively communicate with the student body (Resolution 4 and 5).

Please review the attached meeting agenda Agenda 9-2-10-2-1.  We look forward to seeing you Thursday and please pass this message along to any interested parties.

For any questions, please contact Natalie Raps, Vice President for Public Relations at

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