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Summer S.A. Update


I hope that this finds you all well and rested during our summer vacation.  I am writing to let you know about a quick and easy way to stay involved with our global community as well as update you on the Student Assembly even while we are away from Cornell.  As many of you remember, the earthquake in Haiti devastated hundreds of thousands of peoples’ lives. I am proud to say that the Cornell community participated greatly by helping to raise funds with everything from bake sales to concerts.  After this immediate relief however, it is now necessary to create a long term plan of development for what is now one of the poorest countries in the world.  The organization Commit in September is asking college campuses to get the word out and get students to sign a petition urging our government to support initiatives that empower Haitian citizens to lead local efforts of development within their own country.  It takes under a minute to sign your name and can make a world of a difference.  For more information please go to

Just a quick update from the Student Assembly, we are currently in the process of finishing up our first ever Press Packet.  This will be published on our blog and is basically an easy and simple way of understanding what we do and how we can further help you.  We are also working on a tutorial to teach students the differences between the SAFC and By-line funding in order to get all student groups in sync with the sometimes confusing process. 

We have recently updated our blog with the Student Assembly’s End of the Year Report that is sent bi-annually to President Skorton.  We are also in the process of editing our Standing Rules. 

Finally, we are always looking to add new members to the Student Assembly. We are currently looking to staff all of our committees for the ’10-’11 academic year.  To apply please go to our website at 

Also, even though the summer is still in full swing, be sure to tell all incoming Freshman and Transfer students about our Fall elections.  More information is to come but there will be a special election to fill spots for 3 new Freshman Representatives and 1 Transfer Representative.

As always more information about us can be found at and be sure to follow us on twitter at

All the best,
The Cornell Student Assembly

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  1. 07/21/2010 12:01 am

    To Vincent and the Cornell Student Assembly:

    Thank you so much for the mention of It’s a critical campaign to raise youth voice for the people of Haiti and the world’s poorest communities. I hope everyone reading this takes one minute to visit the site today!

    Thanks so much,

    Sam Vaghar
    Executive Director, Millennium Campus Network

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