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SA Press Release: Last Meeting of the Semester, 6 May 2010

SA Press Release: Meeting Agenda for 6 May 2010

For Immediate Release: 6 May 2010

The Student Assembly will be holding its last meeting of the semester TODAY, at 4:45pm in the Memorial Room of Willard Straight Hall. In this last press release of the academic year, it is fitting we include the closing remarks of Executive Vice President Nikhil Kumar, the creator of the SA Agendas, when he states, “It is with a heavy heart that I attach the last agenda of the 2009-2010 year, as well as relevant resolutions.” We encourage all student to raise Nikhil’s spirits and participate in today’s SA meeting.

To close out the year the SA will be voting on;
– R. 79 making changes to the Special Projects Category of the SAFC Funding Guidelines,
– R. 80, re-working to configuration of the SA Elections Committee, proposing to allow a majority of the member be non-SA members
– R. 81, completes an overhaul of the SA charter so that it better adheres to Parliamentary Procedures and makes it easier to understand while not changing to power or function of the SA.

– R. 82, request by Cornell Cinema to raise undergraduate ticket prices.

For any questions, please contact Vincent Andrews, Vice President for Public Relations, at

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