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Meeting Agenda for 15 April 2010


SA Press Release: Meeting Agenda for 15 April 2010

For Immediate Release: 14 April 2010

The Student Assembly will be holding its usual meeting at 4:45pm in the Memorial Room of Willard Straight Hall this Thursday.

On the Agenda for the upcoming meeting, the Student Assembly will be voting on Resolution 62 “The 1st Amendment Clause”, which has been presented in response to Resolution 44; Non-Descrimination Clause.

The Assembly will also be discussing changes to the SAFC Funding Guidelines, Appendix B Revisions for By-Line Funded Organization, which includes an Amendment to take into account President Skorton’s response to Resolution 44, as well as a discussion about an SA Charter Review Committee.

There are only 4 more SA meetings left in the semester, and this one is gearing up as an important one. All students are strongly encouraged to attend and participate in the student governance process.

For any questions, please contact Vincent Andrews, Vice President for Public Relations, at

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