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Message from VP Williams


Men are not above the rules and law that they make, they are there for that reason, to keep men no matter how “powerful” in their place so power is not corrupted.

According to the Student Assembly Charter I have missed three consecutive Student Assembly meetings. According to Article 3.4 Absentees Any voting members who are absent for three consecutive regularly scheduled meetings or for six regularly scheduled meetings cumulatively during their term, will lose their right to vote and their position will be considered vacated. The remaining voting members will fill all vacancies by seating the highest ranked non-winning candidate in the last election from the same constituency.

This means that my position as Vice President must be considered vacated. We as the Student Assembly will carefully and nobly uphold the Student Assembly Charter.

I therefore respectfully resign my position as the Executive Vice President of the Student Assembly under these conditions.

This is by no means anything but honest and clear politics, whatever the given reason for these absentees. I do assure you that the reason are in the sincerest of meaning, however this does not in any way exempt one from the said rules.

The Student Assembly will act accordingly to parliamentary procedure as follows when situations like this occur.

This is only a brief statement to let the people who should know aware of the on-goings of the Assembly and its officers.


Olamide Williams
Cornell University | School Of Arts And Sciences, ’10

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