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Apply to be on the RHD Screening Committee!


Throughout the Fall 2009 semester, the efforts of the SA Committee on Residential and Community Life have been mainly directed toward the crafting, passage, and implementation of Resolution 15. This resolution, entitled “Increased Student Representation in Residence Hall Director Selections,” aims to accomplish just that, through three main measures. Primarily, Resolution 15 allows two undergraduates to serve in full capacity on the RHD Screening Committee, a task force currently composed of 8 administrators that carries out the extensive RHD hiring process. One student representative will come from a program house; the other will come from a traditional residence hall. Additionally, the resolution empowers multiple students to participate in the numerous RHD interviews in the spring. Finally, Resolution 15 addresses the issue of student involvement in the RHD transfer process through the administration of an end-of-year survey on the performance of their RHD.

Passed unanimously in the Committee and on the Assembly on 10/15, Resolution 15 was recently signed into effect by President Skorton. Currently, ResLife Committee members are actively working with Campus Life toward the implementation of the resolution.

If you have any interest in matters of Residential or Community Life, and would like to apply for the position, fill out the application at…ee-application/

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