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Ulysses Smith on Cornell Cinema


The Cornell Cinema issue has grown to a matter of great proportions. I did not vote on the issue because I had to leave for another meeting, but as you probably saw by the vote, the SA itself was torn on the issue (10-10-1). Personally, I do not support the cut that the Appropriations Committee made. However, I have reviewed all of the information that has been presented thus far, and I think that there needs to be some restructuring.

The Cinema was in a similar situation a couple of years ago and at that time they were warned about their budgetary practices. Still, we have arrived in this current situation. The Cinema should not have been cut in that amount. I believe that the Cinema had to get the message that in times such as these, everybody needs to be fiscally responsible. The SA has an obligation to monitor the Student Activities Fee and when it is apparent that a particular group is spending money in a manner that is not very efficient, the SA will be more inclined to cut funding. I think the cut should have been much smaller; a cut maybe for the sake of being punitive.

Everybody is being faced with hard times and tough decisions have to be made. Cornell Cinema is no exception. There are going to have to be some changes on behalf of the Cinema. The Cinema needs to take another look at their budget and prioritize. They have to evaluate all of their expenses and determine what they need and what they can live without. Not to worry though. I really believe that with the right amount of planning, the Cornell Cinema can find a way to restructure themselves in a fiscally responsible and efficient manner and get the cut overturned. The Cinema is a center of culture and it is influential to many people on and off campus.

This is only my opinion and not that of the entire SA. I urge you to keep on voicing your opinion and try and help the Cinema in their planning. Feel free to contact me if you would like further information.

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