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Welcome to the NEW SA Blog!!!


Hey Cornell,

It seems in our new age of instant access and constant connectivity it only makes sense for the Student Assembly to get up to date and start a blog! Hopefully this new tool will help all Cornell Community Members contribute to the student governance process. Please send us your comments, criticism and encouragement by posting all over this thing!

There are many topics of discussion we will be adding in the coming days. These include the Cornell Cinema By-Line funding allocation, a general discussion of what By-Line funding is and how it works, bringing the Minority Student and Ujamaa debate onto a public forum and we will hopefully start blogging about what has been proposed in the just-release Re-Imagining Task Forces ( But, the only way this blog can be successful is if YOU also engage us in a constructive and worthwhile debate.

So… let us know what you think!


Vincent Andrews

VP for Public Relations

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  1. 11/11/2009 12:41 am

    Hi Vince – It’s so great to see SA making an effort to interact with Cornell students on a public forum. I think this blog will be a great source of easily accessible information and perspectives. Love the design & look forward to future insights!

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